VPS Healthcare unveils Four Pillars Strategy to Conquer Cancer

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Abu Dhabi’s Marina Mall to get medical test centre
VPS Healthcare Promotion Centre is aimed at encouraging screening for early detection and prevention of diseases
Waiting for medical test results will now be a matter of “waiting for just a few hours” at the soon-to-open screening centre at the Capital’s Marina Mall.

Spread over 26,500 square feet, the VPS Health Promotion Centre will start accepting bookings by the end of December this year. The new concept is aimed at encouraging screening for early detection and prevention of diseases.

“Early detection and prevention can save a lot of money as well as avoid the hassle of getting into these procedures,” said Dr Shamsheer Vayalil, VPS Healthcare’s managing director, at a Press conference on Monday.

The centre is a collaboration between VPS Healthcare (previously LLH Healthcare Group) and Seoul St Mary’s Hospital (SSMH) — an integrated healthcare provider with a network of hospitals and clinics — following an agreement signed in May this year. The centre will offer comprehensive screening packages, following consultation with physicians, that are appropriate for one’s age, gender and risk factor.

According to Dr Ali Obaid Al Ali, director of VPS Healthcare, the centre will have state-of-the-art equipment ranging from MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, echo, digital mammogram, stress treadmill, endoscopy, ECG, pulmonary function test, audio test (ENT) and eye test, among others.

The centre has a capacity to see up to 50 visitors a day, 25 per day in the beginning. Initial staff will be between 75-80 from SSMH including four physicians, technicians and nurses.

SSMH is one of the top-ranking institutes in Korea in medical academics, and has established wide-ranging specialty centres to combat a multitude of cancers. When the centre opens, Dr Ali said he expects to see more patients above the age of 30 getting screened, as well as, those suffering from cardiovascular disease and diabetes - two common diseases here.

“Early detection benefits an individual as this will lead to total treatment, especially cancer. (Screening) will also decrease the cost of health sector in general,” he said.

Speaking about the new concept, Dr Vayalil said opening the healthcare promotion centre in Marina Mall will not only provide convenience and better accessibility, but also touches on the “feel good factor” of an environment different from a hospital setting.

VPS Healthcare plans to open- up an extensive network of Health Promotion Centres across the UAE, including one at the Meydan   in Dubai, and other countries within five years.

“We are confident that setting-up such state-of-the art facilities will not only preclude the need for many patients to go overseas for treatment, but also change the overall perception of healthcare arena in the UAE by attracting patients throughout the region,” Dr Vayalil said.